If you found us, it likely means you were looking for help with websites, social media, email campaigns, etc. Choose one of the menu options to see what we can do - or feel free to drop us a line and ask how we can help.

NDVR Web Design and Development is a small full-cycle outfit based in Utah. We design and make websites, provide database-driven solutions, offer hosting services, create email campaigns, manage social media for businesses and individuals, edit copy, do graphic design for web and print, and consult on all things web.
We will build you a (not very complex) website for $500. Quick.
Our regular price for a basic website is $1000, so this is your chance to have it done at 50% off.
Offer valid until Dec. 31st 2016. Only 10 spots available - reserve yours soon!

Do I qualify?
If you need a simple site that does not require database use or a content-management system, then yes!

How do I reserve a spot?
Easy! Enter your email address and name below, and we will be in touch to discuss the details.

Why are you offering such a large discount?
This is a one-off event. After years of finding clients by word-of-mouth, we're finally opening to the public and need exposure. Time and cost constraints only allow us to offer 10 spots for this special, so don't wait too long to claim yours.

What exactly do I get?
Up to 7 pages
A contact form and/or a newsletter sign-up form
A gallery
Retina optimization
Mobile version
You will also get a choice of layout (horizontal or vertical navigation).
Get a website.
We make websites from scratch. That includes all coding/scripting, design (including professional photography), search engine optimization, even proofreading. Content is largely up to you; we do, however, offer copyediting and advice on how to structure it for a better user experience. Need to register a domain name and arrange hosting for it? We will help with that, too.

We can also build, customize and "tune" a site powered by a publishing platform (like Wordpress) to suit your needs.

All our sites are guaranteed to have healthy code validated by W3C. All are responsive and will display well on a screen of any size. All come with a month of free changes/corrections after the date of completion.

Know exactly what you want? Please refer to Get Technical section to see if we can do it.
Make my website better.
Well, let's see. What do you want it to do? (Yes, having your logo do jumping jacks on the front page might be a good idea... in a right context.)

We’ll start with the review of your website’s contents, design, usability, code health and search engine friendliness. All that being in order, we’ll move on to... whatever you want. It can be a blog, a gallery or a slideshow, an online shop, a music player, a contact form, a calendar, a message board, an email sign-up form, a database of your clients or inventory, an easy way for you to update your website.

The sky is the limit.
GET $50
If you know someone who needs a website (or any of the services that we offer), refer them to us. If we do work for them, you get $50. That easy.
Use SM for business.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... First thing first: you (and your business) need to be there. These days, social media became both the white and the yellow pages; a company or a professional with no Facebook page is (somewhat) suspect.

We offer help with establishing your presence across the largest, most important social networks. This includes setting up a Facebook page and accounts on other networks, creating all necessary graphics, and advice on promotion and advertisement strategies. From there, you can take over and manage your little media empire by yourself - or have us do it. We can write copy, supply or edit photographs, create and create ads.
Send newsletters.
Have subscribers/clients who want to hear from you? Mass emails can be surprisingly tricky. They get eaten by spam filters, you don't want your recipients to see other recipients' addresses, and it's difficult - well, practically impossible - to send a nicely formatted email with images from your regular mail application.

We’ll design, proofread and mass-send a beautiful email that won’t break in different mail apps and won’t be thrown out as spam. Once it's sent, we’ll tell you all about how it fared: how many people opened it, clicked on your links, forwarded the message, etc.
Get advice.
Not ready to commit to paying someone for a website or for managing your social media? Have your questions answered. Where to start? How do I go about getting a website? How to create and run a Facebook page for business? Do I need one? How to create and send a beautiful email to a hundred people at once? Googling works, sure, but it’s an ocean of info, and it can be hard to fish out exactly what you need. Email us, or send questions through this website.

In Utah? Even better. Get in touch, and we can sit down over a cuppa (on us) and talk about it all.

The initial consultation is only $49 and includes your existing website/social media analysis. This consulting fee is waved if you end up working with us.
Know how much it'll cost.
Once we come up with a plan of action, you will be provided with an estimate. We charge $75/hour, and your estimate will reflect that rate. We promise to be honest and efficient: no coffee breaks or any dilly-dallying will ever end up on your bill. Actually, research time isn't counted either.

For complex and/or ongoing projects, we charge hourly. For simpler projects and social media management, we offer prix fixe options. A combination of the two is possible: you can, for example, have us build a fixed-price website, and pay the hourly rate for any future updates. (Minor updates and changes are free for the first month after project completion.)

Hourly rate
Basic custom website
(5-7 pages, contact form, subscription form, mobile version)
Basic Wordpress website
(5-7 Pages, logo/custom header)
Custom Wordpress theme
Mass email
Custom email design
Sending: up to 1000 recipients
Sending: up to 5000 recipients
Existing size analysis + consultation
(Fee waved if we work on your site)
Facebook for business
Initial business page setup
Monthly maintenance
Social media package (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Initial setup
Monthly maintenance
Get in touch.

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See your work.
Of course.

A large custom Wordpress project. We created a new theme and used advanced database and custom-post-type tricks to organise Philip's extensive catalogue. The site is also running a customised events section that feeds off a Google calendar.
Georg Friedrich Haas is an Austrian composer. ...micropolyphony, microintervals, spectral music! The site is Wordpress-based and includes a custom calendar and a catalogue of works; we did artwork as well.
A database-driven site built from scratch. Sometimes a publishing platform, such as Wordpress or Drupal, is unnecessary overkill. Jimkellermusic.com has its own little CMS - just enough for the client to easily update the crucial areas of the site. Thanks to the tab structure, the pages load instantly and the music in the player is never interrupted.
Rum & Sugar is an upscale San Francisco bar. This is a Wordpress project with a few bells and whistles, such as an automatic Instagram feed, drinks menu, a fully integrated Google calendar, and a pretty fancy newsletter system.
St Rose is a Wordpress project, notable for its completely automatic newsfeed that fetches posts from a Facebook page. Time-saver!
grainsofgood.com V.2
Also built from scratch, grainsofgood.com is the official website for the Grains of Good Foundation, a charitable organization. We went for a modern sparse, photography-driven look.
An antiquarian book store. Hand-coded.
"Anthurium" is a yoga studio in California. The site has a custom content management system that allows the owner to update static pages and a news section with ease, and is integrated with the Mindbody ® system that enables users to register and pay for the studio's classes and products.
"Galchonok" (Russian for "little jackdaw") is a Moscow-based charitable foundation that helps kids with neurological disorders. Galchonok.help is a dedicated Wordpress- and Woocommerce-based fundraising platform with integrated payment gateways. Anyone can register on the site, create a campaign and raise money for Galchonok's children.
"Stihovarenie" (literally "making jam of poems") is the official site for a play that features quite a few stars of Russian cinema and theater and is making, very successfully, rounds of Moscow's theaters. All proceeds go to the children with neurological disorders.
Antistar.press is a veteran music magazine (formerly known as Junkmedia) with huge archive of articles, interviews, album reviews, etc. The site is database-driven and has a custom CMS.
grainsofgood.com V.1
Also built from scratch, grainsofgood.com is the official website for the Grains of Good Foundation, a charitable organization. We went for a modern sparse, photography-driven look.
A boutique publicity outfit. Both the site and its (rather complex) CMS were built from the ground up. The design incorporated some custom photography, too.
One of our favourite singers-songwriters. All hand-coded site with, again, a custom CMS... and a rather whimsical design.
Get technical.
A summary of what we can do, in case you're looking for a specific skill or service to match a task.

Coding and scripting
HTML5, CSS (with [Less] and {Sass} if needed), Bootstrap, AngularJS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax.

Publishing platforms & content management
WordPress, Drupal, Joomla (turnkey solutions, custom themes). Custom content management systems.

Database-driven solutions
Custom databases. MySQL, PHPMyAdmin.

Web hosting
Domain name registration, hosting solutions.

Graphics & photography
Ps, Ai, Lr, ACR. Logo design. Photo retouching.

Social media
Setup, strategy, management, copy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Last, but not least
SEO and web analytics.
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